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Meet Krista and Wendy

Military Spouse Show Host with Inc Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Krista Wells, Ph.D., The Military Spouse Coach (R), Eric Schurenberg, President and Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine, Wendy Poling


About The Military Spouse Show

The Military Spouse Show is a podcast hosted by Dr. Krista Wells, the Military Spouse Coach® and military spouse mentor, Wendy Poling. The Military Spouse Show goal is to inspire and empower military spouses to create their ideal lifestyle. Each podcast episode features, “insights and inspiration for intentional living”.

Wendy and Krista have a shared mission of helping these often-unsung heroes.

When listening to the show, we want you to:

  • Believe in your own abilities to grow and succeed, even with the inevitable undercurrents of stress that accompany being a military spouse.
  • Connect with valuable resources that can enhance, encourage, and entertain in your busy day-to-day lives.
  • Feel like your voice matters in the military spouse community and beyond.

The Military Spouse Show is an exciting mix of life coaching tips, interviews with experts / professionals, senior-level military leadership, and celebrities. Join a wide-ranging and inclusive community that extends far beyond physical boundaries.

Krista and Wendy’s shared vision is to grow the military spouse community by always providing ideas and strategies that listeners can use to improve their health, increase their wealth, and build stronger relationships.

More about Krista and Wendy:

Krista Wells, Ph.D. is founder of the Military Spouse Coach®, a coaching and consulting practice that supports military spouses in career and life transitions. She is the co-creator of the podcast Military Spouse Radio, and is often a featured guest on My Military Life Radio. Krista has also been a guest on other military talk radio shows, writes for several military publications such as Military Spouse Magazine, online spouses websites. Krista facilitates career workshops, participates in panels, and presents keynotes. Krista has been coaching Military Spouses for over 10 years. Krista’s energy sparks motivation and she coaches spouses live up to their full potential personally and professionally.

Dr. Krista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach (R)

Twitter: @kristawells
Facebook: The Military Spouse Coach


Wendy Poling is the founder of MyMilitaryLife.com and the creator of the podcast Military Life Radio, which first aired back in 2007 as Navy Wife Radio (NWR). BlogTalkRadio selected NWR as one of their top 300 shows out of 15,000 in 2013. Wendy was a founding member of the strategic communications team for the US Navy’s Operational Stress Control Program. Wendy was selected as an Inc. Magazine Military Entrepreneur Program Special Delegate in 2011, 2012 and has served as a mentor for the 2013 MEP Inc. 500 | 5000 Conference. Wendy is well respected in the military spouse community and participates in panels and presents keynotes. Wendy writes and speaks on topics such as podcasting, social media, digital influence, leadership, communication, deployment readiness and resilience. Wendy’s inviting nature allows spouses to feel as if they are a part of a loving community.


Twitter: @wendypoling @mymilitarylife 
Facebook: My Military Life
Pinterest: My Military Life


The Military Spouse Show launched on the Military Life Radio | Navy Wife Radio iTunes feed powered by BlogTalkRadio.

Military Spouse Show

Wendy and Krista at the Inc. Magazine corporate headquarters in Manhattan attending an event for Military Entrepreneurs.

Military Spouse Show

Krista and Wendy take Manhattan with a group of Military Spouses and visit the Martha Stewart Show.