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Conquering the Knowing / Doing Gap – Podcast – Ep 9

5 Ways to Conquer the Knowing / Doing Gap

The Knowing/Doing Gap – Part 1
and how to move over it gracefully, if you are a military spouse seeking success!

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Don’t become stuck in the divide between knowing and doing. Follow these steps and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way toward success!

Military spouses want to be successful in their marriages, their work, and their health, but often the business of military life can distract from taking steps toward success. Spouses have life visions and career goals, but their aspirations are put on hold for the well-being of others. Don’t let these commitments become excuses for letting your journey to success go stagnant.

We work with many military spouses who are ready to define their personal journeys and take the first steps toward creating their ideal lives, and it’s important to understand that these changes can be made even in the midst of “chaos.” By moving toward their goals, they come out feeling fulfilled and even more able to support their families and friends than they were before they made themselves a priority.

We refer to these things as the “knowing/doing gap,” a term coined by Stanford Business professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton in reference to businesses. We find it’s not just companies that struggle with implementing their plans, but rather many individuals. We know what we want to do and sometimes we even know how to do it, but we can’t quite put that knowledge into action.

Military spouses, including ourselves, catch ourselves saying we’re too tired to work out, even though we know that exercise increases our energy. Or sometimes we’re too irritated with our spouses to have certain conversations, even though we know that open communication helps nurture relationships. We become too frustrated with work to attract the raises and promotions we desire. We want to be entrepreneurs but doubt that we can ever really be successful at business.

5 Things That Will Help You Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
by Dr. Krista Wells

  1. Find Your #Why

Baby steps can seem boring until you start thinking about why the destination they lead to really matters. I noticed the effects of this new mindset when my client heard about a job that truly inspired her; she quickly edited her resume, had a professional photo taken, posted an amazing LinkedIn profile, attended a local networking event connected to the new job, and became unstoppable in a matter of days after being stuck for months. She had found her “why” to propel her forward.

So if you’re feeling stuck on the “how,” try refocusing to think about the “why” instead.

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