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Making Meal Planning Fun – Ep 19 – Podcast

Making Meal Planning Fun | The Military Spouse Show

On this episode we are featuring how to make meal planning fun. Create a no pressure environment when planning out the meals for you and your loved ones during the week. By following these suggestions, they can help you save time and money!

Show Notes:

Krista: On today’s show Wendy and I chatted about if “meal planning” is worth the headache and we both decided that it actually is. A planned week keeps us less insane and it’s healthier too. But we agree that your plan needs to…

  1. Work for your family; not all meal planning is created equal. Different things work in different seasons such as crock-pot in the winter and grill prepping in the summer. Rachel Ray’s cookbook about creating a week of food in a day may work for some, once a month meals, for another. Do what works!


  1. Pay attention to what motivates you; when inspired do more. Plan foods that are delicious and try new things each week, the more you mix it up and have fun with your planning, the better. Thank goodness for Pinterest and YouTube!


Yes, and only check out what isn’t overwhelming to you. Pay attention to when you fall off the wagon and plan ahead to conquer those times of the year. For example, the first week of the school year or over the holidays.


  1. Plan for imperfections, its OK. I do great some weeks and not others and that is okay. If you had a great week, and meals were easy, plan on posting that on the fridge and just repeat it! You need to have “buy in” that the prep time is worth the hassle savings. Also keep in mind that small changes are better than no changes, so be realistic and have a few simple staples on hand when homemade buckwheat crepes don’t happen.


Grab a pen or pencil; here are a few resources to help as you do your meal planning this week:




Here are a few Quick and Easy Ideas:

Breakfast: Prep a smoothie in your blender at night and put in the fridge, frozen fruit will be just ready to blend well in the morning. Try adding kale and prefreezing a bunch “about to go bad” bananas too.

Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oatmeal or Kashi waffles and great grab and go breakfasts too.

Lunch: Frozen Franchecias pizza or try planning ahead and getting some pre-packed salads at Trader Joes, or make ahead soups of pizzas. Check out http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-homemade-frozen-pizza-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-186527

Dinner: Chili from your freezer in individual containers and a pre-cooked sweet potato from the fridge that you reheat and add some pecans and cinnamon or a bagged salad and a Marie Calendar or Twin Hens Chicken Pot Pie
 or that once in a while kid’s Trader Joe’s frozen breaded chicken or Coleman organic nuggets with some pre-prepped roasted veggies. I feel like the best system is to plan a happy medium between perfection and ordering out.


When it comes to cooking for guests, the crock pot is my go to for easy meal planning. Most everyone loves a pot roast with seasonal vegetables and potatoes. Ina Garden taught me how to roast a chicken, it really is so yummy. You can also use a few bone-in chicken breasts vs a whole chicken, whatever you like. For a casual meal, I also like doing simple hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill or grilled chicken quesadillas with all the yummy fixings. You can leave off the bread / flour tortillas if you are looking for a low carb option.

Do you have a tip to share? Leave us a comment!

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