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Jump Into Success – Podcast – Ep 10

Jump Into Success - Part 2 of Knowing / Doing Gap Show - The Military Spouse Show

On today’s show we tackle Part Two of the Knowing/Doing Gap show. Have you ever felt stuck trying to accomplish a goal or task? Listen to this show for strategies on how to get into action.

5 Things That Will Help You Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – cont.
by Dr. Krista Wells

  1. Find Your #Why

Baby steps can seem boring until you start thinking about why the destination they lead to really matters. I noticed the effects of this new mindset when my client heard about a job that truly inspired her; she quickly edited her resume, had a professional photo taken, posted an amazing LinkedIn profile, attended a local networking event connected to the new job, and became unstoppable in a matter of days after being stuck for months. She had found her “why” to propel her forward.

So if you’re feeling stuck on the “how,” try refocusing to think about the “why” instead.

  1. #Embrace Detours

On our roads to success, we’re often tempted to follow other people’s maps. However, most successful people tell me that, while they planned “straight line” routes, they ended up taking winding paths. But guess what? These scenic routes still got them to their destination!

Having a rough map is a great thing, but trust yourself to know when to get out the eraser and re-route. We’re often scared to start driving when we don’t know our paths, so we justify inaction by telling ourselves that sitting still is better than taking a step in the wrong direction. 

  1. #Jump In

My sister used to have a skydiving business and customers would often ask her how to jump from an airplane. She would always respond with a laugh and say, “It’s not hard, just take your earrings off and jump!” Think of where in your life you need to “take your earrings off and jump!”

We often think that we need road maps with step-by-step directions toward success when usually we just need to jump. Even if you aren’t finished with your vision board, your goals still need modifying, your morning routine isn’t consistent, or your game plan feels more like a rough draft, just get moving!

Actions don’t have to be accomplished in huge leaps; change can occur through small, incremental steps. Just trust your life vision and allow your intuition to guide you as you take baby steps toward a better version of yourself. Before you know it, you may even find yourself leaping forward on your path to success.

  1. #Act as if …

A military spouse once said to me, “Krista, I don’t think you get it, there are no jobs here! There are hundreds of applications just to work at the gas station on base! There’s no job for me here!” I responded by pulling her back from her visions of failure with the question, “What is your dream job?”

While the idea of a dream job initially seemed foreign to this spouse, she eventually shared that she had once had a fun and fulfilling job at a department store cosmetics counter. At this point in her story, however, she returned to negative thoughts, talking about her horrible boss. I reminded her of the positive aspects of that position, asking her whether or not she would enjoy another job in cosmetics. When she began to speak about the lack of opportunities, I interrupted her, asking, “What would it look like if it were impossible to fail? What if you knew that you would be successful?”

She was stumped at first, but then the ideas began to flow. She actually got excited brainstorming, thinking about what “not failing” would look like.

  1. #Have Faith

We often make lists of tasks to accomplish when we’re feeling jazzed and energized, but when it comes to putting these plans into action, we second guess ourselves, doubt our abilities, and, in short, give into our fears. What we need in order to continue on our paths to success is the opposite of fear—faith.

Believe in yourself. Have faith. The work process you implemented in order to fulfill your dream will lead you to success. As you work hard on developing new skills, adopt positive habits, and make new lifestyle commitments, you take steps toward your goals.

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Thank you for listening!

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